Areas of Health

11 Areas of Health

After many years of working with clients to obtain optimal lifestyles- We’ve narrowed all the different facets that make up a wellness lifestyle down to eleven core areas of health. Continually striving to improve in each of these areas will move you closer to an optimal wellness lifestyle, where you will not only add years to your life but also increase the quality of those years. Remember, every little step in a positive direction helps. Stay positive and focus health daily!


The human body is comprised of approximately 65% water. Being sufficiently hydrated assists with almost all bodily functions. It assists in cell mobility and the transport of nutrients and oxygen to those cells. It also supports the liver and kidneys by flushing toxins, one of the main roles of those organs. We will provide in depth information on water as well as practical solutions on how to maintain proper hydration levels. LEARN MORE


Sleep is an essential part of our health, allowing us to feel refreshed, alert, and ready upon waking. But it does much more, sound uninterrupted sleep allows your body to heal and repair, specifically brain functions including how neurons communicate with each other. The importance of quality sleep is often overlooked as part of healthcare, and once poor habits are created it is particularly challenging to reverse them. We will provide a number of research studies showing the importance of sleep as well as many keys to improving your sleep habits and patterns. LEARN MORE


Chiropractic care is an important piece of preventive healthcare. Although most people think it is only for neck and back pain. In reality, regular visits will keep your nervous system functioning at an optimal level. Your brain and nervous system control your body, so having clear transport of nerve impulses to and through your entire body is important to achieving a healthy lifestyle. We will provide guidance on the effects of chiropractic principles as well as simple self-care solutions. LEARN MORE


The central nervous system controls all bodily functions. Keeping it free from interference helps your body function at its best. Much like our Chiropractic section, supporting your nervous system provides clear signal transport throughout your body, improving function in vital organs, which allow healing and growth to take place when needed. We will provide guidance on the effects of Acupuncture principles as well as simple self-care solutions. LEARN MORE


Bodywork through massage and stretching supports the body’s natural ability to remove toxins through the lymphatic system, improve sleep, reduce stress, and improve immune function. It also provides a calm feeling of well-being. Massage is not just a luxury, it has definite health benefits! There are many ways to achieve these benefits without necessarily getting massages every week, we will show you how plus provide content explaining the benefits. LEARN MORE


We often focus on our outward physical health, however taking care of your mind at an early stage of life will provide many years of enjoying life free of cognitive issues. Virtually all eleven areas of health within SOW impact your mind and its health, from what we eat to how we sleep, the air we breath and how well we reduce stress. We will show ways to improve your cognitive function at any stage of life. LEARN MORE


Stress induces most lifestyle diseases, uncontrolled high stress reduces your body’s immune response, may increase blood pressure, fatigue, depression, and inflammation. Managing your body’s ability adapt to stress as well as reducing its stress load with help you long term quality of life and longevity. We will teach you simple exercises that anyone can do help reduce stress, and provide information to fully understand the importance of controlling stress in all stages of your life. LEARN MORE


The food we put in our bodies is at the very core of determining our bodies overall health. Food provides nutrients and minerals which are needed for energy and virtually every cellular function in the body. The quality of the food we ingest is directly related to the quality of your health. Eating foods that grow from the ground, that are organic, Not Genetically Modified, and minimally or not processed are best. In this section we will provide immense information from certain foods and their benefits to the proper digestion of those foods so that you can optimally absorb and utilize those nutrients. LEARN MORE


Exercise as we all know is good for you, right? But why? The obvious reason is to help control our weight, but more importantly exercise, in virtually any form, is beneficial at helping the body carry oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues. It also maintains proper blood sugar levels, which is one of the primary reasons for inflammation and eventually disease or early aging. We will cover many aspects of movement to help you keep moving in the direction of optimal wellness. LEARN MORE


Being outdoors in your natural environment provides your body numerous benefits, whether your in the mountains, at the beach, in the desert, or in a city. Being outdoors soothes and heals our body by reducing stress and providing an abundance of fresh air. Stress reduction extends your lifespan considerably. Air. as discussed in that area of your health, is essential to every cellular function. Having fresh, outdoor air revitalizes your body and mind. We will provide ways to optimize your outdoor settings, and show you the science behind it! LEARN MORE


Fresh, clean, pure air sustains life. Every cell in our body needs oxygen to survive and create energy efficiently. When those cells create energy, however, they make carbon dioxide which is then removed from the body in the respiration process called exhalation. Since this process is done every minute of your life, it is vital to have the best quality air and utilization of that air as possible. We will provide solutions to help the respiratory process and simple ways to improve the quality of the air around you. LEARN MORE

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