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Sleep is an essential part of our health, allowing us to feel refreshed, alert, and ready upon waking. But it does much more, sound uninterrupted sleep allows your body to heal and repair, specifically brain functions including how neurons communicate with each other. The importance of quality sleep is often overlooked as part of healthcare, and once poor habits are created it is particularly challenging to reverse them. We will provide a number of research studies showing the importance of sleep as well as many keys to improving your sleep habits and patterns.


Key 1 - Society of Wellness

Keep the room you sleep in cool and dark, minimizing lights, TV, Tablets, or phones

Key 2 - Society of Wellness

Don’t snack or eat late meals, after dinner only consume water or herbal (decaffeinated) tea

Key 3 - Society of Wellness

Add Magnesium Lactate and Min-Tran supplements to calm and relax your muscles as well as your nervous system (Buy Here)


Tips to Fall Asleep - Society of Wellness

Tips to Fall Asleep

Looking for tips to fall asleep faster? Quality sleep is essential to your health, but if you’re having trouble falling asleep then you could be suffering from sleep deprivation which will impact all areas of your life, including your mood and performance at work. How to Fall Asleep Faster Cut the Light

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