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The food we put in our bodies is at the very core of determining our bodies overall health. Food provides nutrients and minerals which are needed for energy and virtually every cellular function in the body. The quality of the food we ingest is directly related to the quality of our health. Eating foods that grow from the ground, not genetically modified, and minimally or not processed are best. In this section we will provide immense information from certain foods and their benefits to the proper digestion of those foods so that you can optimally absorb and utilize those nutrients.


Key 1 - Society of Wellness

Choose organic and non GMO! Quality over quantity when if comes to the food you eat

Key 2 - Society of Wellness

Everyone's diet will vary. In order from Most to Least eat; Vegetables, Fats, Protein, then Fruits. All others, try to avoid

Key 3 - Society of Wellness

Do not consume processed foods, shop the side aisles of your market


Nutritive Role of OPC - Society of Wellness

Nutritive Role of OPC

At school, most of us were taught to memorize the 13 essential vitamins and 10 essential minerals. As helpful as these are to maintaining good health, they are far from the only micronutrients that we need. In reality, the full list of lesser-known supporting micronutrients is still a work in progress. Many

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