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Innate Intelligence & the Natural Healing Power of Chiropractic Care

Many people feel out of control of their lives. The modern world, with its tightly regulated laws and overfilled schedules, is full of responsibilities and mishaps that are out of our control.

However, the root of these feelings is often much deeper and intertwined with both physical and mental health. Excessive stress, poor lifestyle habits, being surrounded by more cement and fewer trees – these are obstacles that continuously chip away at your body’s natural healing power.

The key to overturning this lies in the concept of Innate Intelligence.


Innate intelligence is one foundational philosophy of chiropractic care. The concept may be nearly two centuries old – yet, as we learn more about inflammation, hormones, and lifestyle diseases, it is progressively being reevaluated by mainstream physicians.

Innate intelligence refers to how every part of your body – from the large organs to the minor changes in hormones – knows how to act to keep the whole body healthy. All living beings have innate intelligence. You did not teach your body how to breathe or love: it knows.

Spinal subluxations and lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes are all signs that your body is struggling to do what it knows to do best. To combat these problems, you will need to reconnect with your innate intelligence. At the same time, you will need to create circumstances around you that will allow your body to thrive.

Both chiropractic care and functional health therapies can help you find your true center – from which you will be able to pivot amidst life’s stressors better, with less risk of falling.


There may be many chiropractors in your community. Finding one that is right for you is essential. To help with this, upon your initial consultation, ask the doctor these three questions.

  1. How do you go about making adjustments to my spine to reconnect me to my innate intelligence?
  2. Is there a nutritional component affecting my spinal misalignments? (They should say yes!)
  3. How do you address toxicity as a cause of my spinal subluxations?

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