Meet Jennifer Franco

jennifer franco Cn, ACN, functional nutrition

Jennifer Franco owns and operates two nutrition-based companies: the Society of Wellness, Inc., a nutrition consulting company in which Jennifer actively counsels patients with functional nutrition and herbal therapy and SOW Nutritional Systems, LLC., a company that educates and implements functional nutrition systems into natural health care practitioner’s offices around the country.

With Society of Wellness, Inc., the style of nutrition taught in these offices is one that begins with a whole food philosophy that works synergistically with natural health care practitioners. S.O.W. currently supports thousands of patients at over 120 offices across the nation, adhering to the belief, that the body is self healing and self regulating given that it is free of nerve interference and properly fed. This program works best for practitioners who want to provide a whole food nutritional option to their patients without the doctor doing the nutritional assessment and follow up themselves. Together, true health is created.

The most recent company, SOW Nutritional Systems, LLC. is instead, a company that educates and implements functional nutrition systems into doctors’ offices around the country. Online education courses have been created to educate and guide practitioners to learn in their own environment while also implementing key concepts into everyday practice. SOW Nutritional Systems has recently become a provider for NANP, NCCAOM and the California Acupuncture Board which allows practitioners to receive continuing education credits in completing these online courses.

As a functional nutritionist, Jen conducts Functional Nutrition Assessments with clients virtually across the world. The purpose of a nutrition assessment is to evaluate the functional health of clients and determine their specific needs to further support their personal wellness goals. Jen has an educational background in Kinesiology and is certified in Clinical Nutrition, Applied Clinical Nutrition, as well as an AFAA certified personal trainer. When Jen is not in the office seeing clients, she is passionate about educating both the general public and other health care practitioners through teaching seminars, lectures, workshops, writing articles for journals and speaking on national radio programs.

Jen continuously strives to practice and maintain a true wellness lifestyle. As a sports enthusiast, she enjoys everything from professional team sports to her own personal athletic ambitions such as snowboarding, surfing, hiking and completing her first marathon in 2008. She enjoys traveling and continues a healthy, wellness-based lifestyle.

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