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What SOW Does

Society of Wellness (SOW) is a team of Certified Nutritionists who provide nutritional therapy to people around the country, over the phone and online.

That's a fancy way of saying we are your go-to resource for food advice.

  • Want to know which superfoods you should be eating? – Talk to us
  • Take factory made vitamins? – Talk to us
  • Confused by the vitamin aisle at your natural foods store? – Talk to us
  • Want to know what foods you eat regularly that should be substituted? – Talk to us
  • Have any health problems, aches, chronic conditions? – Talk to us
  • Want more energy/less stress? – Talk to us
  • Want to look better, lose weight, even glow? – Talk to us

Specifically, we educate you on how your health is directly affected by nutrients your body needs but is lacking possibly causing you health problems. We then provide food counseling and natural food based solutions to get your body back in balance, thus, helping to improve your health.

We believe the human body is self-healing and self-regulating when nourished properly with natural foods.

It's simple really if you think about it.

Your body is like an incredibly finely tuned machine composed of millions of chemical and physical components all working together in unison. As we progress through life, we all endure symptoms from various health problems. This is your body's way of telling you it's not in balance, it's lacking something.

What ails you?

Tell us and we will tell you what your body needs. When combined with proper physical fitness, you'll be amazed at how the body can self-regulate and self-heal.

Taking medications?

Prescription drugs are typically un-natural chemical compounds made in labs that seek to target symptoms resulting from health problems. Drugs are toxins, and toxins do not cure disease, they help alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Only your body can cure disease. We believe its natural nutrients that your body needs and these nutrients can be found in foods - all kinds of natural foods. Feed your body correctly, heal yourself.

Taking Vitamins?

Odds are they are chemical based, only offer you some of the nutrients you need, and most certainly, they are not tailored specifically to fit your body or to help heal your specific health problems. Instead they are just synthetic, laboratory made “nutraceuticals”.

Fake nutrients?

Why not take the real thing? Substitute nutrients from natural foods. After a simple phone Q&A evaluation we'll tell you what specific nutrients your body is telling you it needs and which foods have them.

And if you prefer the ease of nutrients in a pill form, we can help you with supplements made from 100% naturally farm grown ingredients, not lab made chemicals churned out in a factory somewhere.

Do you really believe your body was designed to digest man-made chemicals? Or was it designed to live and thrive as a result of the naturally occurring nutrients found in nature.

Tell us what ails you and we'll help your body get better, the natural way!

That's what we do.

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