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About Our Practitioner Program

For the health care practitioner, the Society of Wellness offers Nutritional Systems to help implement a successful nutrition program within your wellness practice.

When using SOW systems, it's important to know that the patient remains your patient; SOW simply acts as a facilitator of their nutritional support. After you create a SOW account, you may begin sending your clients through the program. When you open an account, you can enroll patients and view their continual status.

It's easy:

1. Select Patient for online nutritional support
2. Authorized Staff member enrolls patient online
3. SOW contacts patient directly and takes it from there, that's it!

This program works best for practitioners who want to provide a whole food nutritional option to their patient without having to do the work. Once your patient is enrolled, the program includes:

  • Paperwork
  • Food Diary Evaluation
  • Initial Consultation
  • Report of Findings
  • Personalized Nutrition Program, which includes:
    • Analysis of Systems Survey
    • Supplementation Recommendation
    • Food Plan Recommendation

By adding nutrition as a service for your patients, you will increase compliance and the results of your wellness services. If you have questions about the Society of Wellness Online Nutritional Systems, please contact us or to start enrolling patients you can create an account here now.

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