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Why We're Better

Our solutions for you are from food – REAL FOOD!

People are starting to wake up to the fact that lots of our grocery store foods are full of chemicals, preservatives, and toxins and our long term health suffers as a result (did you hear about the “pink slime” that's been put in a lot of our hamburger meat? – just one tiny example).

The Pandora's Box of what's in our foods is opening and it's not going to be pretty (or healthy).

But you need to eat, right?

Where can you get straightforward, simple answers AND solutions?

Right here! We are here to guide you, give you answers, and demystify the impossible to understand ingredients lists so you can start eating more like your body was designed to eat.

You will look better, be healthier, lose weight, and feel great.

  • We are here to educate, not preach
  • We don't dictate what you should eat or make you feel bad treating yourself
  • We can help alleviate the time constraints that can make eating well difficult
  • We are not fanatics, we just want to help you feel better and stay healthy

The average person thinks Certified Nutritionists are for only people seeking to go on extreme diets or for those with severe health problems.

We're here to get you to think differently.

Food is our body's fuel. You care about how your exterior body looks, we'll teach you how to take care of the interior of your body as well….oh, and by the way, your exterior will look much better too – Trust Us!

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