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About society of wellness

We are a growing team of Certified Nutritionists with strong beliefs and a mission.

We believe that soon you will realize...

  • your body's health is in direct correlation with what you feed it
  • symptoms of health problems are your body's way of telling you it's lacking certain nutrients
  • most prescription drugs address the symptoms, not the root cause of your health problems
  • adding nutrients through certain foods can help your body solve the root causes of your health problems
  • your body will thrive, your look will glow, and your mind will clear if you get the factory made toxins out of your system

...Our mission is to make you realize it sooner.

SOW was started by a Certified Nutritionist who has counseled thousands of people in seminars and doctor's offices seeing incredible results for her clients who've adopted therapeutic foods into their lives.

But that wasn't enough.

She wanted to help more people – a lot more. As a result she wanted to establish a company that could grow way beyond the patients she is able to see in the doctor's offices she visits weekly.

Society of Wellness is that company.

The internet, the phone, and lots of help from other professional nutritionists is how we do it – and people thank us daily.

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